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Latest Technology Microwave Vacuum Dryer

Latest Technology Microwave Vacuum Dryer

Microwave Vacuum Dryer havce mixed microwave and vacuum two different technology.
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As we know the standard atmospheric pressure is 101kpa, vacuum dryer is a dryer that will dry the material by pressure from -90kpa to -101kpa, normally in this vacuum condition the water will evaporate by lower temperature from 20 to 40 degree centigrade. Because of the lower temperature treated and no oxygen for chemical change, the material will be original color and no content lost after dried. So vacuum dryer is very good for some specific material or high request material.

But traditional vacuum dryer have a common problem, the total drying time is too long and waste a lot of energy. Now a new technology was developed to reduce much drying time, it is vacuum microwave drying. Microwave vacuum dryer every process cycle is only 2-4 hours, microwave could be uniform heat up the material inside and outside at the same time, will not appear outside dry but inside wet. And microwave also have sterilization function. So vacuum microwave dryer is a good alternate drying device now.

● Vacuum model technical parameters

Different model have different drying power and product capacity.

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