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Melt blown fabric Electrostatic electret for mask

Melt blown fabric Electrostatic electret for mask

for face mask and the other filter material
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1Machine brief introduction

This machine is suitable for charging Electrostatic, cutting and rewinding of1.7mwidth Melt blown fabric and filter material. it adopts PLC touch screen intelligent control to set the volume density of finished coil material and make the volume inside and outside consistent to make the resistance error less than 2%.The treated filter material efficiency is much higher than online electret without additional cost.

2Equipment photo

3Equipment design drawing

4. Equipment performance and configuration

1. The equipment capacity is 1 ton per day double layer N95 and 1.5 ton single layer BFE99 or H12.The winding diameter is less than700 mm, and the maximum cutting width is1700 mm. Optional installation of edge blower to collect narrow edge.

2. Included 2 sets DC high voltage generator with maximum voltage 100 kv and maximum current 10 ma, electret voltage can be displayed and adjusted on the PLC, there is control switch and fault alarm. Electret box semi-closed insulation reliable without safety hazard.

3. The maximum speed of electric cutting is 28 meters/minute;There are two cutting methods for selection, pressure cutting and flying knife rotary cutting, flying knife speed adjustable maximum speed of 400 RPM.

4. This machine has pneumatic cloth receiving device to avoid the trouble of the wearing cloth to lead the roll when changing the roll;Cloth speed, adjustable pressure, up and down winding devices have adjustable braking variables and manual deviation correction.

5. This machine has double - layer positive and negative electret function thus greatly improved the electret effect of the material.The positive and negative electret voltage can be adjusted separately, and there are two electret distance with a small tolerance to make the cloth uniform.

6. In order to make the product maintain the original resistance after cutting and winding,  equipment adopt precision electric proportional valve automatic adjust the required air pressure for winding according to the winding diameter change

5. Equipment parameters

Voltage supply

3P-380VAC±5%50Hz, can be specific customized

Total power


Compressor air


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